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Hi I'm Dawn, welcome to my purrrrfect page. Watch your step, the cats around here like to play and you never know when one will get under your feet.

I live in Virginia with my parents, my sister Melinda, my cat Inky, and my dog Cocoa. I am 13 years old ,I just turned a teenager in December.

My favorite music band is NSYNC. I think they are all sooo cute!!! I also like The Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, 98 Degrees, TLC, Five, Nelly, Pink, Baha Men, Sisco, Brittany Spears and many others.

I guess you are wondering why I chose cats as the theme of my page. Well because I Love Cats!! Cats are cute, cuddley and you have to love them. They each have their own unique personality that makes them special. My cats name is Inky, he's 4 years old and looks like a Blue Russian. Inky is very special to our family. He runs our house and is very spoiled. There is a picture of him towards the bottom of the page if you would like to see what he looks like.

My room is decorated with cats also. I like sleeping in a room full of cats that watch over me. Makes me feel safe in the night. They are my guardian angels. I hope that everyone enjoys my page and my love for cats. Please sign my guest book and let me know what you think and if anyone wants to be a new friend let me know. I like to have new friends.

newspinJanuary 2001 ~UPDATE~ newspin
I celebrated my 13th birthday in December. Wow! I'm finally a teenager now. For Christmas we went to visit family for the holidays. It seemed like we drove forever and ever. We ran into an ice storm in memphis TN and we had to drive very slow so we didn't wreck like alot of people did. I had a great Christmas. I got to see alot of family I haven't seen in a long time. I am in 7th grade now and am making good grades. I enjoy my school alot and have some of the best teachers. I have been spending alot of time on the computer visiting all of the teenage girl sites, some are really cool and let you listen to music and see videos. I'll try to add some of those to the page so you can enjoy them too. Well I hope that everyone is having fun and have enjoyed my site, drop me a line in my guestbook!

Pic of Dawn
This is a picture of me from this year

Pic of Dawn feeding raccoon
This is a pic of me feeding a raccoon

This is my pet Tiger I adopted, you can click on the logo below it to adopt a wildlife animal for your own page..
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This is my cat Inky. He is definatly his own cat! Thanks Pegasus for making him to go on my page!!!

 Inky my cat

~Here are some of my favorite links~

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