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Hi, I'm Melinda and I'm 8 years old. Do you like rabbits and bunnies too? They are my most favorite. I hope that you enjoy all of my little friends while you are visiting my page.
I collect rabbits and bunnies. My sissy collects cats.. My room is full of bunnies!
I like dance music and country music. When I grow up I want to be a country singer like Reba. She is my favorite country singer. My favorite band is The Backstreet Boys. Man I love Brian, He is sooo cute!!! I also like the Spice Girls, Five, Britney Spears, Shaggy, A-Team, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Garth Brooks, and many many more.. I have a boyfriend named Alan, I have other boyfriends too but I can't tell you their names.. It's a secret..
I am my daddy's girl, my mommies girl and my papaw's girl..My papaw lives in Tennessee and he has horses one of his horses is named Jack, the other horse is pregnant and will be born this spring.. I love everyone else there too, Mamaw, Sissy Gail, Uncle Rusty, Uncle Johnny,Aunt Lois, Aunt Shawna, Brookie, Haley, John John, Phil, Teresa, Daniel,and Garrett.
If you have visited my page can you sign my guest book and say hello to me? People sign my sissy's guest book and I want them to sign mine too..

January 2001 ~~UPDATE~~
I am having a very good year this year. I have alot of friends who I play with. I had a great Christmas and got to go visit with family. I got to spend time with my granny and see my uncles and cousins in Arkansas and I got to see all my family in Tennessee and my Memaw came up from Alabama to spend the holidays with us too. I love you Memaw! I got tons of Barbie stuff to play with. I hope everyone had a great Christmas too. Hope you enjoy my site and come back to visit again.

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Melinda pic
This is a pic of me from this year

Melinda feeding raccoon
This is me feeding a raccoon

This is a recent picture of me from this year, if you would still like to see a picture of me when I was 4 click here
running bunny
These are my pet Rabbit's I adopted from Pegasus's Adopt A Wildlife, aren't they cute? She has several wildlife animals waiting to be adopted, why not adopt one for your page? pegasus bunnies
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