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Howdy y'all, welcome to our family web page.
We hope that you will find something of interest
as we will have many different areas of information
and likes.

We wanted to be able to share things with our family
and friends since we are far away from them all.
We are always making new friends on the Internet also,
and this gives you a chance to know us a little bit more
personally as we share our lives with each one of you.

When I get a chance, I update the pages or add something
new, so you might want to check back often, especially
when new inspirations hit me.

The links below will take you to our individual pages and
you will find more links off these pages to more things.
We would love to hear from each of you, so if you have a
moment please sign our guest books to let us know you have
stopped by. We will try to answer and send a thank you
to everyone.

So come on in, take your coat off and sit a spell.
We welcome you to our Smithville.


Billies Award

This award was given to me by two very special people,
Mystify and Hope. It was a gift from them to me, just
to say,"Billie, you are special to us". Well, I want
everyone else to know that they are special to me too.
Without their love and support I wouldn't be where I am today.
It is a feeling worth sharing with everyone to have such
wonderful friends and that is why I am sharing it with



button 2 Billie's World
This is my world filled with my interests and links to friends pages
button 2 BowHunter's Paradise
Mitch's hunting haven
button 2 BillieBaca's Cookbook
This is my cookbook, go check it out for some yummy recipes
button 2 Catasia
This is my oldest daughter Dawns web page.. Full of cats and links for kids
button 2 Billie's Numerology
This is a page I did on numerology and some links you can visit to have free charts done
button 2 Melinda's Rabbit Hole
My youngest daughters web page with rabbits and links to kids places
button 2 Billies Tarot
This is a site I created on Tarot, stop by and learn and enjoy
button 2 Billies Friends
This is a page I dedicated to all of my friends on the web
button 2 Billie's- It's Poetry
This is a page for my poetry, please visit it is you enjoy deep emotions



~What Christ Said~
~Golden Wedding Day~
~The Woman I Am~
~Sand Castle Dreams~
~For Our Anniversary~
~Lost Love~
~Everybody Has A Dream~
~To Remember Me~
~Off Beat~
~A Mother's Prayer~


~~~ Educational Help~~~
Kidz Guide To The Internet
Lots of links to information for kids for fun or educational
National Inventors Hall of Fame
Lots of info on inventions and inventors
Homework Central
One of the Internets biggest study collections
Education site for kids of all ages
Merriam-Webster language center
Chemical Elements.Com
Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
Reference Desk
Best source for facts on the net
Discovery Channel School
The Discovery Channel School teaches kids
James Willms's Favorite URL's
James has tons of links for everything to do with learning
Virtual Reference Sites
Over 2,500 of the most popular information reference locations and tools on the web
The Math Forum
Unbelievable programs, lessons and more on math
One Look Dictionary
2840801 words in 560 dictionaries
Language Translations with Systram
Translate English into many languages or many languages into English

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