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Numerology is the study of numbers that will tell your strengths and weaknesses, your talents, things you need to learn, goals and motivations, your personality traits, events that can be expected in your life, the personality of your home, and can also be used to answer certain questions you may have.

Almost every counting system that exists is based upon numbers and letters. The numbers are based on values 1 thru 9, and each letter has a number value that is assigned to it. Each of these numbers has a paticular meaning associated with it.

Numerology has 3 forms that are majorly used today. There are other forms out there but they are not as popular. The Pythagorean was developed by a Greek mathmatician named Pythagoras. He combined mathmetics and spiritual developement to make this form. The Chaldean was developed in the Early Middle East of Iraq. It is formed by combining the meaning of a name with astrology. The Kabbalah is Hebrew. It's form only interprets the meaning of a name.

The pythagorean is the most popular form used today. All that is needed is the entire birth date and the complete name of the person who wishes to be read. The name given on the birth certifucate gives the most accurate reading but you can use nicknames you go by with the last name of course. If you are female you can use your married name. This also applies to men who take on their wives names.

The numbers that are used in the structure of a numerology chart are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 22. In some forms the numbers 33, 44 and 88 are also used. These values are obtained by adding the numbers from the entire birthdate (ex: 05-24-1962= 5+2+4+1+9+6+2=29) or the letters in a name.
The values given to the letters are as follows: A-J-S=1 B-K-T=2 C-L-U=3 D-M-V=4 E-N-W=5 F-O-X=6 G-P-Y=7 H-Q-Z=8 I-R=9.
Then you reduce the numbers by adding the sums together. There are master numbers that you do not reduce and these numbers are 11 and 22, or if using other forms 33,44,and 88.(ex: 05-24-1962=5+2+4+1+9+6+2=29=2+9=11) If this were not a master number you would reduce it further. I did not show an example of a name because it depends on what you are looking for as to what method of adding the numbers is used.

I know all of this might sound confusing but below are links to sites that explain in more detail of how to calculate numbers for your readings and what each number means. Please check out each site because each one is unique and has different lessons on using numerology. You will find each link to be very interesting as I have chose each one carefully.

My first experience with numerology came with a very first chat with a very dear friend of mine. Her name is Caralyn and she is from New Zealand. Caralyn is a psychic but she is not your average psychic. She is not using her abilities to take your money and then tell you just any thing you might like to hear. Her abilities are special and she uses them to help people. I have been very fortunate as to have Caralyn take me under her wing. She guides me into the right direction for healing purposes.

This page wouldn't exist if it weren't for Caralyn aka mum, so the need to let you know who she is and how she has affected my life had to be included on this page. If anyone ever has the privilage of crossing paths with her, the meeting will hold dear with you always as I know she has a permanent place within my heart.

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I haven't had a chance to add anything lately, but as soon as I can I will be adding more for your enjoyment.. Thank you!


~~~~~ Billies Tarot Page ~~~~~

I have made a new page dealing with the Tarot, stop by and see it! I will be adding more links to the page soon! Just click on Billies Tarot above to enter.


~~~~ Mystinwolf's Spiritual Readings ~~~~~

A good friend of mine has just started offering readings to people on the net.. She offers several types of readings, Druid Oracle Spiritual readings, Crystal readings, Dream Interpretations, and Tarot Readings and she is very in depth with the animals and their meanings also.. She is very good and I often go to her for advice or if I have questions.. Please go check out her web page at Mystinwolf's Spiritual Readings .


~*~ Great Numerology Links ~*~

~~ Learn Numerology ~~

Cyber Psychic
A good site that offers various things like Tarot, Dreams, Numerology, Astrology, Meditation, Herbs, Past Life Regression and many others.
Astral Lab
Alot of info on different areas of astrology, numerology, Heavenly Bodies and Occult Sciences
Very informative site providing information on astrology and numerology in detail.
Explains how to do your own numerology chart.
Lessons and courses on doing numerology.
Spirit Link

~~ Free Numerology Readings ~~

An excellent site that provides a free reading in case you do not want to figure out your own
Jera's World
A good site with different things like tarots,runes and numerology. Also you can choose which language you wish to read it in.. Did my first printed numerology reading here.
Kabalarian Philosophy-What's In Your Name
What does your name mean??
Pythagor- The Pythagorean Numerology Calculator
Compute a weeks reading for Numerology
Numerology readings by Clara
free mini-reading room
The NewAge
Ask the oracle for several types of readings.
Get a free monthly forecast
NewAge Interactive
Take a spin with their test drive
World Wide Astrological Research Centre, India
A simple numerology reading
The Dreamtime
Free numerology report

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