It's Poetry

Words written on paper
To share with others
Original thoughts from the maker
To express true feelings
A lonely tear
Can create a poem of love
A sigh
Provides words of inspiration
A laugh
humerous verse to brighten up a day
A touch
enlightens the intermost senses
Beautiful words that are meant to be shared
Simple text that capture emotions
....It's Poetry....


~~ Pieces Of Me ~~

Pieces of me written on a page
Forever mine at any age
My inside thoughts
For the world to share

~UPDATE 8/11~

There are several new poems I made pages for today.. Check them out.. More to come soon..

Poems To Share And Places To Visit

~What Christ Said~
~Golden Wedding Day~
~The Woman I Am~
~Sand Castle Dreams~
~Billies Numerology~
~Billies World~
~Bowhunter's Paradise~
~Billies Tarot~
~Melinda's Rabbit Hole~
~For Our Anniversary~
~Lost Love~
~Everybody Has A Dream~
~To Remember Me~
~Off Beat~
~A Mother's Prayer~

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