~ Off Beat ~

Your lens are out of focus,
And your song is out of tune.
Your beat is never quite in step,
Your winter starts in June.
Your orange shirt and purple pants,
Just never match your socks.
They say you are the circle,
That will never fit the box.
You disco dance to Mozart,
You hang your wash out in the rain.
Yet they often hurt your pride,
Yet you never feel the pain.
Your taste they say is so bizzare,
Cartoons make you cry.
You say good-night to all your plants,
And wait for a reply.
But what they can not see in you,
I find I like the best.
The things that make you special is,
You're different from all the rest.
Your heart is the size of Kansas,
And you always find the time.
To see that all my puzzles fit,
And make all my poems rhyme.
I'll comb your wind blown locks,
And be there to brace you when you fall.
I stay your friend forever because,
You're perfect after all!!

*Author Unknown*

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