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~ Golden Wedding Day ~

The little church was crowded as the pretty teenage bride
Stood before the alter with her bridegroom by her side
The organist stopped playing and the service was begun
The old familar liturgy that made two people one
They promised to be faithful in poverty and wealth
And care for one another in sickness and in health
And though the looked like children dressed up to play a part
The made their vows with confidence each word from the heart
Still some of those who witnessed the ceremony said
"Those kids are much too young to even think of being wed"
And lots of others wondered once the honeymoon was past
If their love could be depended on to make their marriage last
Well if any of those skeptics were in the church the other day
I'm sure their doubts and fears were pretty quickly swept away
For what proud and happy couple stood side by side once more
To renew their vows and promises made fifty years before
Their voices rang with confidence each word loud and clear
As if they wanted everyone in all the world to hear
And though time had lined their faces and turned their hair to grey
Their love was still as young and bright as on their wedding day

*Author Unknown*


~~ Marriage ~~

A game of chance
As well as skill
Where both players win
Or neither will

~~ Sweethearts Prayer ~~

Heavenly father up above
Please protect the man that I love
Keep him safe, keep him sound
No matter when or where he's found
Keep us now, keep us forever
Keep us two always together


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